Wedding Photography Tips for Rainy Wedding Days.

Wedding Photography Tips for Rainy Wedding Days.
Wedding Photography Tips for Rainy Wedding Days.
Wedding Photography Tips for Rainy Wedding Days.

Many cultures see rain as good fortune, cleansing and fertility but for the bride or the photographer it could mean rescheduling or get worried on how they are going to still get good photos if it’s raining. Whether you’re new to photographing weddings or looking to improve your craft, don’t be nervous about rains on the other hand there’s something so beautiful about a photo in the rain. As for the brides don’t let rains ruin your wedding, don’t let anything stop you from celebrating, at the end of the day what matters is you are marrying the love of your life.

Here are some Wedding Photography Tips for Rainy Wedding Days. and couples to offer a little insight into how to handle a rainy wedding day.

• Just because the rain starts doesn’t mean the photography has to stop. Always be prepared for those unexpected showers. Gather umbrellas, plastic bags, a shower curtain, the right camera gear and a few other items.

• Use a camera raincoat or plastic bag with a hole or camera hood to protect the front of your lens from getting wet, as well as preventing pesky rain drops from photo bombing your picture. If you have a tripod, bring it along for stabilizing your camera in slower shutter speed for low light you can also use flat, stable surface if you don’t have tripod.

• Scout out a couple of portrait locations in advance so you can have a backup plan in case of rain. A hotel lobby with nice lighting, inside the church or even an outdoor location with some kind of covering like College Campuses: Covered Corridors, Open Libraries, and Porches, Garages, Public and Government Buildings and large spaces for group portraits. And also know how much time you have for portraits.

• Have a positive attitude when the weather takes a turn for the worse. The bride and groom are already going to be stressed when they see storm clouds on the horizon and by embracing the situation with a positive, “how can we make this incredible” attitude, it helps to keep everyone calm

• City lights and streets are amazing during and just after the rain, and storm clouds can make for a dramatic background for pictures. Do your timing right and take amazing rain pictures in the twilight and night.

• A remote flash hidden behind a couple enables the photographer to freeze the raindrops and make them look magical. By backlighting the rain drops they will stand out more in the photo as little bright areas on your photographs as the light passes through the water.

• Don’t forget to bring along a few towels preferably white to put under the bride’s dress for any outdoor posing where there might be some mud. It will help, though it won’t protect the dress completely. And it also gives an assurance and confidence to the couple that you are experienced in this kind of situation in return they are happy and you get those great photos.

If you want to get cool photos in the rain, you’re going to get a bit wet. So don’t be afraid to get a little wet. Playing in the rain is some of the amazing things to do, and puddle-jumping is even more fun with a camera.

• Watch for a break in the weather. The rain might let up for a few brief moments, and if so you should be prepared to run out and take advantage of the moment. Let your clients know that you’ll be watching for a moment like this, and might grab them to get those gorgeous photos.

• Umbrellas make for a great addition to the photographs as a prop and they are also wonderful at kicking light back down on couples. Keep one that is suited for photos closer so you don’t have to settle for just any umbrella when need arises. You can also take advantage of an overhang, or take a photo in a car, and in some locations, a large doorway or patio near the rain will be sufficient to give the effect.

• Encourage the couple to go on with regular activities. They might have plan on canceling certain activities that they might have otherwise planned thinking it is no longer possible because of the rains. Encourage them to go on even if it means you getting wet.

• For the brides consult with your hairstylist and makeup artist for tips on keeping yourself looking picture perfect despite rain and humidity. So as to make sure your hair and makeup don’t change throughout the day. You can use waterproof eyeliner and mascara, creamy products and liquid foundations and a good quality lipstick.

• As a bride you definitely have to just roll with it. Know that the photographers will do their absolute best to ensure that you get all those must-have family shots, fun bridal party portraits, and romantic photos of you and your groom. All you have to do is to trust them, even when they are requesting changes to the timeline that they have been planning for months in advance.

• If you plan to be out in the damp or rain for an extended period of time, you may want to consider getting some moisture absorbent silica gel packets to throw in your camera bag before you head out. This will help to prevent condensation on your gear.

Above all, set your mind at ease and don’t look back because of the rains, coordinate and be creative. Remember to prepare and most of all whether it rains or shines, have fun, it is your day. As a photographer, a lot of rain does not mean you can’t capture great portraits in natural light. Your clients will still have beautiful portraits and bright colors in their images. These Wedding Photography Tips for Rainy Wedding Days. we have shared will help you prepare and make your day go much smoother if rain is on the way.